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Hello World Post Mortem

We completed the postmortem of the Hello World app with 3 achievements in mind: utilizing Androids Text To Speech Engine after Chris’s demonstration with Simon Says, but have it say “Hello —-” in the corresponding language its in and whatever string name. Utilizing androids built in language library, we implemented this into Spanish, German, and […]

Hello, World

Ever feel that little shred of hope, wishing for that early hello, or at least a response from your device? Well, now you can enjoy such a response right from your own pocket. Hello, World, is an application that aims to implement, text to speech responses to the user just by having them type their […]

Invisible Inc

The project is in collaboration between Aaron Emmert, Tim Beckman, and Jamison Ebert. Fundamentally, we wanted to design app that adds a level of depth an complexity to a relatively simple tool without compromising any of that simplicity and ease of use it has to offer. ¬†We observed larger companies like Apple and Google for […]