Feature 4 – Skybox

With the end of the semester approaching, I decided to scrape together a skybox.  Still looks rather funky looking and there are artifacts everywhere, but the basic idea is there.  I still can’t quite get the rotation to work and there were NUMEROUS problems even getting to this point.       Code video Display […]

Feature 5 – WASD control

I have implemented a camera that navigates your the with WASD for forward, left strafe, backward, and right strafe movements. It also automatically adjusts the camera’s vertical dis- placement based on the terrain elevation. I stored the height map as a vector of ints where each pixel is represented by a certain value (the given height). […]

Feature 2 – height map

I had Blender create a height map from my sample terrain and output a PNG file where the corresponding color was the height at that specific pixel.   Woot.  Video

Feature 1 – Load OBJ meshes into your scene

1.  Load OBJ meshes into your scene     In order to bring in standard obj meshes from Blender, we just need to increase the robustness of the code slightly.  First, the code checks the beginning of the file for a ‘#’ symbol.  If absent, the code continues as before.  Otherwise it goes through the […]