Madeup Model – kryzernj

So I didn’t come out with anything as impressive as a double helix or a church, but here’s a sort of interesting pattern. It was essentially a product of just messing around in made up. The only real problems I had with this was when I had a slight memory issue that was quickly fixed […]


  I ran into a few significant snags in the project, the largest of which was probably getting the two different magnets to move individually.  After figuring that out the next problem was actually caused by a simple error with the unbinding of the shader, after solving that and a few other smaller problems the […]

kryzernj – Gussian Pox

I had a few minor issues setting the ppm file up, however the largest problem that I encountered was visual studio. For some reason it was not recognizing the string datatype or any math functions.  After trying to fix these problems in VS someone suggested I try compiling it in putty.  It compiled and ran […]

my attempt at Hecarim from League of Legends