teaching machines

lavaniaj – Madeup

This is was my first model I made. I started with some swirling effects with dot, then I decided to make it look like fire particles coming off of a moving torch.   A simple treble cleft which I tried messing around the radius of a tube in order to create thickness.     Just […]

lavaniaj – HW2

I started with creating the magnet struct. The sudo code was easy to follow. After this I focused on getting two rectangles to display and making them different colors. The biggest hurdle with the assignment was figuring out how to color 2 separate rectangles. Once I figured that out all the other things fell into […]

lavaniaj – Gaussian Pox

Creating the Image class and its methods went smoothly after I overcame my directional impairment. I wasted quite a bit of time trying to figure out why my energies were not calculating correctly in my main method. Instead of doing variable1 = pow(variable2, variable3), I was simply doing variable1 = (variable2, variable3). I was accidentally […]

lavaniaj – Transistor Sword

The sword from the game Transistor.