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Canny Algorithm edge detection

Last week I started reading sections of the OpenCV book given to me by Professor Johnson and Stevenson. The sections I read with had to deal with edge detection and gray scaling (required for the Canny Algorithm). I expanded upon my previous code for loading in an image to do this.   // OpenCVConfiguration.cpp : Defines the entry […]

OpenCV Set Up

After several tutorial tries, I was able to install it successfully on windows with the same tutorial install of OpenCV that Corey used. The step by step process is listed in the following link:  http://siddhantahuja.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/getting-started-with-opencv-2-3-in-microsoft-visual-studio-2010-in-windows-7-64-bit/ I then started to play around with the libraries. I was able to load in an image to a window.   // OpenCVConfiguration.cpp : Defines the entry point for […]