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pinterrm – HW4

My original thought was to design some sort of leaf like structure that slowly rotated upwards. I dropped this idea a while after starting because I didn’t like the look of anything I was coming up with. I then settled on trying to design something that I might like to see 3d printed. Here is […]

pinterrm – HW3

Here is a rendering of the very famous event in which a droid and a snowman block..thing, exchange a rare CMOR coin while under close surveillance by a Blackbird. The process for this homework was fairly straightforward and mostly was combining knowledge from various labs into a single cohesive unit. One hurdle that I worked […]

pinterrm – HW2

I spent the majority of my time on this assignment on figuring out exactly how to draw magnets to the screen. Mostly because I was still stuck in a modeling state of mind and this lead to the thinking that I should upload every vertex as a 3d model of sorts in the orthographic projection […]

pinterrm – HW1

I started with creating the Image class and its methods. This part was straightforward and with some test cases and verifying outputs the work was complete. I then moved onto analyzing the formula to be used as the center point of calculations. I made a list of structs for holding basic information related to the […]

pinterrm Model of a thing

I made a UFO…I think

Music Quiz Classic Postmortem

Music Quiz Classic: Quiz yourself on your own music library! Music Quiz Classic uses your personal music collection to play random songs for you to guess. Unlimited hours of gameplay! Highscore tracking across play-throughs. Bonus ‘About’ feature displays location based information related to the artists on your device! Note: User must have music on their […]

Ryan Pinter App Intent

I will be developing a Music Quiz App in similar fashion to the original app created for iPods up to 5th gen iPod videos. The app will feature music off of the users own device. Gameplay will consist of the app playing a song, displaying 4 possible answers, displaying a countdown timer, assigning a score […]

Ryan – Animal Model

It’s a sheep, deal with it

Blender – Volume Controller

My first attempt at modeling a logitech volume knob. It’s bad, I know. Will revise it in the future.

Team Nova Fire Presents: The Expedition

Enjoy! “A man searches the wild north for treasure, but discovers something unexpected.”   http://iplayif.com/?story=http%3A//www.twodee.org/teaching/honors304-503/2012C/homework/expedition.zblorb   -Ryan, Dave, Cody, Adam, Michael

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