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SumoSphero :: Becky Sippert, Jake Berner, Corey Schulz

We developed an app that can control a Sphero, using an Android device’s accelerometer, to push other Spheros outside of a circle. Our app tells the Sphero to flash red when it leaves the circle. During this time, the controls are disabled, and the Sphero is not allowed to move for 5 seconds. The app […]

Sphero :: Jake Berner, Corey Schulz, and Becky Sippert

Link to PDF – sumosphero

Mobile Web :: Becky Sippert

For my mobile web assignment, I created the PhoneFarm app, which is a simple app that’s targeted towards children. It’s a guessing game that plays a farm animal noise, and then gives 3 options for what animal makes the noise played. There are 6 animals total, and on the last page, the “quiz” is graded, […]

WebAPI :: Becky Sippert

The SpotiFind app’s purpose is to search Spotify’s music database for an artist, album, or track. It displays search results in a ListView. When one of the ListView items is selected, the app opens the corresponding detail view for the artist, album, or track selected. The app is also able to move between detail views. […]

Nogramming :: Becky Sippert

For my Nogramming homework, I made a word search using terms relating to several of the things we have learned this semester. I’ve attached the puzzle and its key Puzzle: nogramming Key: nogrammingkey

Persist :: Becky Sippert

The problem my app solves is keeping track of scores for the card game 500, since it can be difficult to remember which bids get what point value. The app has three screens. The first displays the bids (READ) that have been made in the game, the total scores of either team, and buttons that […]

U and I – Becky Sippert

I created a memory game app using the CS faculty pictures. The app times how fast you match all of the pictures up and then displays your time at the end. The app uses a Chronometer, ImageViews, CheckBoxes, TextViews, and one Button. The lessons I learned developing it are that custom-made Views and classes are super […]

TODO : Becky Sippert

I also read the syllabus, but did not post before the 6th. I have five ideas for apps, but not sure they’re very diverse from each other. 1. Tetris, because I think it would be fun to write and would involve graphic animation stuff 2. Some sort of running app that makes use of your […]