Madeup – Mario question mark box

Nothing too crazy here, it’s one of the question mark boxes from the old Mario games. I originally wanted to make a maze, but figured it would be too hard without the ability to “pick up the pen” so to speak. It would be nice to be able to move the marker without drawing a […]

wasmercj – Magnet-arino

This assignment was about 5 times more difficult than Gaussian Pox. Reusing the code from the labs seemed like the best way to get things displaying on the screen. It was way more of a struggle than it should’ve been to get the first 2 rectangles displayed on the screen. Once we did, however, a […]

Gaussian Pox – wasmercj

  For a while I was mixing up height and width in some spots, causing some “unique” behavior, so I guess that was one of the larger challenges. I also wanted to get multiple colors working, but was unable to get it looking good. The idea was to normalize across 255*3, and any value from […]