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The Magic 7 Ball (POST)

Haley & Trey Challenges Getting Twitter to work (bigger issue than expected). Insights More steps than expected when integrating social media. Changes None Screenshots Claiming 10-Integrated Sensors 15-Multiple touch/Gesture 20-Misc: Twitter Integration

The Magic 7 Ball

Haley & Trey The Magic 7 Ball is similar to the Magic 8 Ball in almost every way, except it’s red.  Swipe or shake the device to have a response appear.  If you like the response, you can tweet your question and response! Magic! We are claiming Achievements: 10 Integrated sensors (accelerometer) 15 Multiple touches […]

Where’s [User]? (POST)

Haley & Trey Interesting Challenges: Figuring out how to have both a WordPress site and an additional generic PHP site on the same machine (ended up giving up and taking down the WordPress site during development) Registering the app so we could use Google Play services Parsing the JSON (originally was trying to misuse a […]

What have I found?

What have I found? You will be able to scan a barcode and see if it has already been scanned before.  If it has been scanned before it will display the previously provided description of the item.  If it has not been previously scanned it will prompt you to give it a description. 2. Use […]

UHack – OnTarget

This application was developed over roughly 24 hours at a hacking contest at UMN.  As this was our first application we wrote for android, we had to literally jump right in and get things working.  Unfortunately the APIs have been shut down but it was a lot of fun getting to throw things together. We […]


Allows you to take a picture.  This data will be saved to a local database on the phone.  We will persist language settings via preferences.  This application will be written for android. We are planning on obtaining achievements: 2. Use a local database to persist relational data. 4. Persist data using preferences. 7. Localize an […]