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CS 491 Meeting 1

Dear students, Welcome to CS 491: Game Development for Learning! I was recently reading about a software developer who was trying to teach his 7-year-old to code. I was reading it because I too had a 7-year-old and 5-year-old that I was trying to teach to code. What struck me about the article was that […]

CS 491 Project Milestones

This semester you and your team will be dropped into a box. Calories will be dropped in one side of the box, and a game will pop out the other. The game will meet a call-for-games challenge issued by Filament Games. The game should be fun but also help its players achieve certain learning objectives. […]

CS 491 – Gamedev for Learning

Course Information Syllabus Enrollment: 20 Posts HOWTOs Importing sprites Translating with cursor keys Unity + Git + GitHub Unity Layout (video courtesy Taylor) Unity Asset Store (video courtesy Taylor) 2D Movement, Part 1 (video courtesy Taylor) Moving Platforms (video courtesy Taylor) Using ProBuilder Basic (video courtesy Taylor) ProBuilder Textures and Colors (video courtesy Taylor) Making […]