Apache and Icons

This semester I’m teaching a web development course. This is the first time I’ve taught the course, which means I have no Catalog of Errors that we teachers consult when trouble arises. Rather, I am writing the first entries in this Catalog as we speak. This week I spent an hour chasing down a pernicious […]

ITiCSE 2016 Rejection

I submitted two things to ITiCSE 2016: a paper on Madeup and a proposal for working group to make games for computer science education. The paper was rejected. Though ITiCSE is usually a little more forgiving of papers that don’t have a lot of data collection and rigorous experimental analysis, I didn’t include enough. I’m […]

NSF S-STEM Rejection

Last year I submitted a proposal for the National Science Foundation’s S-STEM scholarship program. Our intent was to provide scholarships for women to attend my university and pursue degrees in math or computer science. It was not funded, but I got some helpful direction for revising it and resubmitting. In our revision, we opened up […]


SIGCSE Madeup Workshop

I submit a lot of papers, workshops, and grants. Many are rejected, but occasionally one will get accepted. Like this one, a workshop to be presented at SIGCSE 2016 in Memphis, TN: Abstract Madeup is a text- and blocks-based programming language for making things up—literally. Programmers write sequences of commands to move and turn through […]

Rejection from NSF STEM+C

Some people share their successes. I prefer to share my failures! This gives a more realistic picture of life and this way I can share more often. I recently received a rejection for a proposal I submitted to the National Science Foundation’s STEM+C program, which aims to integrate computation into K-12 STEM education. First is […]

Rejection from Future Programming Workshop

The Future Programming Workshop solicited demos of tools that I understood would produce the next generation of¬†screencasts. Here’s the solicitation from Jonathan Edwards: The revolution will be screencast Richard Gabriel and I are planning a workshop at SPLASH focused on screencast demos:¬†The Future Programming Workshop. This will be a workshop in the sense of a […]

Rejection from SIGCSE Special Projects

I submitted a proposal for a SIGCSE special projects grant to develop tools for producing text movies. They were gracious enough to express sorrow, a kind and noble move. Thank you for applying for a SIGCSE Special Projects grant. We have finished the May round of proposal reviews, but unfortunately we aren’t able to fund […]

Rejection from CCUMC

I submitted a proposal to the CCUMC for developing tools to record text movies. They only funded one project, and it was not mine. Their rejection was very Goldilocksian. Not too damaging. Not too placating. Dear Chris Johnson, On behalf of CCUMC and the CCUMC Research Committee, I want to thank you for all the […]

Rejection from Google Research Awards

Here’s another rejection I received a couple of years ago. This one’s from Google, for a proposal to build a software development lab for inexperienced programmers. I’m glad this didn’t get funded; it sounded like a lot of work. It certainly helped that Google put such a professional touch on their rejection: Dear Chris: We […]