TransportException with Eclipse and EGit

Students in my introductory programming class were getting TransportExceptions when trying to pull from a remote Git repository with the EGit plugin in Eclipse. The issue was a missing line in their .git/config. The file should have looked like this: … [remote “origin”] … fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* The definition of fetch was absent. I think […]

Eclipse Shortcuts

Eclipse has a lot of keyboard shortcuts and I know hardly any of them. But my students still think I’m an ace. These are the ones I do use on a regular basis, shared so that my students can be aces: Automatically add import statements to classes that live in faraway packages with Control-Shift-O or […]

Formatting Java in Eclipse

The style that the Eclipse auto-formatter imposes on my Java code is 99% excellent. However, whenever I set up a new workspace, that 1% of style I disagree with eats away at my soul. I document the few things that I do change here because it’s easier to set them anew then try to migrate […]