Infield Form Labels

I’ve done enough web development now and taught enough web development courses that I am starting to develop opinions. Or maybe I’ve had opinions since the start, but now I feel qualified enough to air them publicly. Today’s opinion is on labels for form elements. Let’s all agree that we need them. But where do […]

Block vs. Inline-block vs. Inline

If I were to rank the most important things about making a website, I’d write down the following: The content The display property Everything else The display property dictates how the content appears in relation to other content, and it silently cancels out other properties that don’t make sense for one its settings. I find […]

Fitting by Rotating

Last spring I was talking about media queries with some students, and we joked around about just rotating any structures that were too wide to fit in the viewport. As silly as this idea is, I wondered how easy it would be to do with just CSS. First, here’s a div with some text that […]