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CS 396 Lecture 1 – Career Services on Resumes

Agenda meta todos and grading schedule Staci Heidtke on resumes TODO Note that assigned readings are not always endorsed readings. We must actively listen to those we agree with, those we disagree with, and those whom we know nothing about. Only by listening to all viewpoints can we make an informed response. Read the syllabus. […]

CS 436 Lecture 1 – Introduction

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CS 436 Homework

See the PDF.

CS 145 Lecture 0 – Accessing the JDK, Eclipse, and EGit

In CS 145, we make extensive use of certain software. You’ll need to get access to this software in one of three ways: 1) by installing it on your personal machine, 2) by heading to university computer labs, or 3) by remotely logging in to virtual machines hosted by the university. Installing Installing the software […]

CS 396 – Junior Seminar

Information Syllabus Enrollment: 53 Lectures

CS 145 – Introduction to Object-oriented Programming

Information Syllabus Enrollment: 90 Lectures Labs Homework Exams

CS 436 – Mobile Software Development

Information Syllabus Enrollment: 22 Lecture Homework Student Apps