CS 245 Lecture 26 – Heaps and Priority Queues

Agenda what ?s interview questions program this design this heaps TODO Read section 6.5 in the data structures book. 1/4 sheet. Program This Design This Code … Haiku

CS 245 Lab 13 – Binary Search Trees

First, if you have checkpoints left over from last lab, get them inspected during the second 15 minutes of this lab. Don’t forget to work in pairs! Where possible, please work with someone that you did not work with last week. The exchange of new ideas and perspectives is not an opportunity you want to […]

CS 491 Lecture 25 – Localizable Text

Exercise Not separating model from view in our software makes our model not reusable for other applications. We have tight coupling between our logic and our presentation. Even within our view, however, we can have tight coupling. If we hardcode our American English into labels and currency and date formatting, we make our view not […]

CS 245 Lecture 25 – Binary Search Tree Add, Traverse

Agenda what ?s schedule homework (* this week, 1 next week, 1 during finals) last lab tomorrow final: Friday at 1 PM hw3 demo adding nodes to a BST iterating through a BST deleting nodes from a BST Code KeyValueVisitor.java BinarySearchTree.java Haiku