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CS 318 Lab 7 – Images

Dear students, I first offer a brief list of recommendations about things I’ve seen you doing that will cause you unnecessary headache: Avoid using spaces in file names. Spaces are not allowed in URLs, so it’s best to just avoid them. They often get translated by our browser into %20, but they will cause issues […]

CS 318 Project – User Study and Sitemap – due on March 1

Your next task in the semester project comes in two pieces: Conduct user studies on several existing websites similar to the one you will design. Compose a sitemap to describe the overall architecture of your site. We describe each of these in turn. Task 1: Comparable Site Test Identify¬†and familiarize yourself with three sites that […]

CS 330 Lecture 9 – Types

Dear students, Today we begin our exploration of programming language concepts, rather than the tools (regex) that we’ll later use for interpreting programming languages. In particular, we start off our discussion with C. I used to talk about assembly first, because no programming language should be evaluated outside the context of history. All that humans […]

CS 318 Lab 6 – Div, Classes, and IDs

Dear students, Last time we dropped into the world of CSS as a means of applying style to our information hierarchies. Learning CSS is a little like learning how to conjure springtime. You suddenly have the power to make things bloom and look beautiful. But it will take a lot of practice. This class spins […]

CS 330 Lecture 8 – Substitution Blocks, Number Ranges, Lookarounds

Dear students, At the end of class, we’re going to play some Regex Bingo. While you’re waiting, find a partner make a 4×4 grid of randomly generated strings. Include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, whitespace, and punctuation. Keep the strings short. There’s no free space. Our discussion of gsub was cut short last time. Let’s […]

CS 318 Lab 5 – Hello, CSS

Dear students, Let’s start by discussing how color is represented in many of our digital technologies. Color is decomposed into three primaries: red, green, and blue. These are different than the primaries we often use with paint, and mixing is little different too, because we’re mixing light rather than pigment. We’ll create a little page […]

CS 330 Lecture 7 – Find and Replace

Dear students, We will focus on the final two of the three common operations we for which we will use regular expressions: Asserting that text matches a pattern. Finding all matches of a pattern in a document. Replacing all matches of a pattern with some other text. Finding all matches of a regular expression is […]

CS 330 Lecture 6 – Asserting and Find-All

Dear students, We will discuss three common operations we want to perform on text that are only fun when regular expressions are involved: Asserting that text matches a pattern. Finding all matches of a pattern in a document. Replacing all matches of a pattern with some other text. Today we focus on the first two […]

CS 318 Lab 4 – Structure, Anchors, and Validation

Dear students, Let’s start with a game we’ll call either Like I’m 5 or 85. You’ll randomly draw an HTML element and explain it’s purpose to us as if we were 5 or 85 years old. You pick the age. Another thing that we will do from time to time is share your work up […]

CS 318 Project – Proposal – due on February 15

In this class, you are asked to apply what you’re learning by building a website for a client. The project is broken down into a series of milestones. The first milestone is to find a client and formally propose your project. Complete the following tasks to achieve this milestone. Task 1: Choose a Client Find […]

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