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Travel Pics -Ian Brown, Jake Vosters

October 28, 2014 by . Filed under cs436, fall 2014, postmortems.

Our app is an app to be used while people are traveling and they want to store their pictures they take.  They can save their image and give it a title which then displays in a custom list view.  The phone detects where you took the photo and hits up a web server to find out the address at which you took the picture.  You will also be able to delete items from your list and clear the current display.


we worked on these tasks together, we didn’t really divvy it up 

1) Integrate a list view with a custom adapter/presentation into an app

2)  Employ a web service in an app. The exchange format must be grammatically-defined: XML,
JSON, or similar. HTML scraping doesn’t count.

3) Acquire and use location information from GPS into an app

4)  Write an app that interacts with the camera.

5) Use threading to handle tasks off the UI thread.