teaching machines

Brownif Madeup

I made a pretty flower with some circles –flower repeat 10 repeat 20 move 5 yaw 20 end repeat 30 move 5 yaw -20 end end tube   This picture isnt the most exciting or cool, i just decided to try and use every ability you could use such as “yaw, pitch…” it is the […]

Cabin Scene brownif

This project was a little less tricky than the magnets one since we have already done labs that cover many of the things we needed to accomplish in this project and I am starting to understand OpenGL more. I started out by using the specular lab as a jumping off point and then created a […]

Ian Brown magnet

    My first problem with this lab was to fully understand the openGL implementation and learn how to deal with the different coordinate spaces, I ended up using the getOrthographic to just set my GL coordinates to the windows so i could easily switch between the two.  The next big challenge was to get […]

Gaussian Pox Submission

    There were a few obstacles that I had to overcome to get this lab to work.  The first was to actually get the PPM file to write.  I had the wrong header to the file so it would just print out black stripes.  Once i got the file to work I had to […]

My blender model

I cant attach the blender file because that file type is not accepted.  I followed a youtube tutorial and to make this stupid little coffee cup it was harder that I thought it would be to add depth and lighting/shading. P.S. dont mind the funky handle, i coulnt not get it perfectly lined up.

Learn to count. post-mortem

The most difficult part of this lab was sadly getting the android device to connect to eclipse.  This is the first app I have needed to use a real device since I needed to test the speech recognition which the emulator does not support.  I used my room mates kindle which came with a bunch […]

Learn To Count-premortem “Ian Brown, Jake Vosters”

This app will be an introductory in how to count to ten in different languages.  We will have the user say one through ten and only move on when they say the word correctly in the given language set on the device. ex: if the devices language is set to Spanish the device will display […]

leveler-premortem “Jake Vosters,Ian Brown”

This app is used for people who don’t have room to keep a big clunky level around but need to level off pictures or shelves. Points: we worked on these tasks together, we didn’t really divvy it up 1) Employ integrated sensors into an app.

Travel Pics postMortem

The most difficult problem with this app was probably using the async task to send in the gps latitude and longitude to a web server and receive a Json object of the location you are currently at.  Trying to do this with eclipse and the AVD was a little iffy as it was not always […]

Travel Pics -Ian Brown, Jake Vosters

Our app is an app to be used while people are traveling and they want to store their pictures they take.  They can save their image and give it a title which then displays in a custom list view.  The phone detects where you took the photo and hits up a web server to find […]