Tender – Postmortem

Some challenges for us while working on Tender were getting  the design to look somewhat pretty, writing well structured code for Android, and some functionality like saving the lists correctly.  Since the premortem, we pretty much overhauled our entire idea.  The premise of the app stayed the same, but our ideas and hopes for it expanded so we changed its structure to allow for future growth and added functionality.  We also change the way it looked quite a bit, the colors are similar, but the overall design is different.

Achievements we are claiming for Tender are:

– multiple touches or gestures in touch-driven interaction

– integrate a list view with a custom adapter/presentation

– persist data using preferences

– JAMF competition

– coolness factor: Dr. approved (Bui,  Hardt) :)


Home:                                                    “Learn More” button:                     Recipe search:                                    Recipe:                                                 Saved recipe list:                              Recipe from saved list:

Screenshot_2014-12-11-02-49-57       Screenshot_2014-12-11-02-50-00      Screenshot_2014-12-11-02-50-17       Screenshot_2014-12-11-02-50-25       Screenshot_2014-12-11-02-52-50      Screenshot_2014-12-11-02-50-45



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