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Lets Talk Money – (Postmortem)

Our app allows the user to select a language (English, French, Japanese) on the home screen.  The user can follow the instructions on the next page to see currency exchange information on whichever currency and amount they selected. Pros: – Language localization was easy to work with after it was all set up and we […]

Lets Talk Money – Kristin and Maria (Premortem)

This app allows the user to select a language and then check currency conversion by year and country.  Our idea was to allow the user to pick from English, French, or Japanese.  After selecting a language, the user can then use the JSON data to see currency conversions based on the country and year.  We […]

Catch me if you can (Postmortem)

We have a game where you can move the little gingerbread man around the screen, and when he hits the sides he makes noise. Pros: – Gameloops are interesting and your tutorial was really helpful! – It was a simple and cute app to make Cons: – Sometimes getting an idea you have to work […]

Catch me if you can! – Kristin and Maria (Premortem)

So for this app, we thought we would try a gameloop!  The game starts, and you can move the gingerbread man around the screen.  :)   Background and the gingerbread man you can move:  

“Say my name, say my name…” (Postmortem)

So we successfully finished our silly Phonegap app.  You can enter your name, and it will tell you back your name.  We know it is really easy, but Phonegap gave us some sass. Pros: – It works!!!!!! – You don’t have to understand many java/android concepts to make it pretty because it is in html […]

“Say my name, say my name…” – Kristin and Maria (Premortem)

So our idea for was to make an extremely simple Phonegap app.  You can give it your name and it will give it back to you.  Simple we know, but we are not too sure about using Phonegap. :)

Tender – Postmortem

Some challenges for us while working on Tender were getting  the design to look somewhat pretty, writing well structured code for Android, and some functionality like saving the lists correctly.  Since the premortem, we pretty much overhauled our entire idea.  The premise of the app stayed the same, but our ideas and hopes for it […]

The Cat’s Meow – Postmortem (Maria & Kristin)

One challenge we overcame creating this app was getting the camera to work, it ended up being trickier than we thought.  Another challenge was integrating the voice command.  A great insight gained was that there is a multitude of great resources on Google and using them to your advantage makes writing an Android app much […]

The Cat’s Meow – Kristin and Maria

The Cat’s Meow is an app using voice commands and the accelerometer to show the user a cat-themed surprise when used!  Following the instructions on the front page, the user can say the voice command, or choose to shake the phone for the surprise to appear. Maria: – Mock ups – debugging – some background […]

Tender – Maria & Kristin

Tender is a recipe app that is similar to the app “Tinder”.  A picture of food pops up, and you can swipe right to see the recipe, or left to discard and see a new one.  As a user you can continue to to view and swipe through the pictures.  If you swipe to the […]