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“Say my name, say my name…” (Postmortem)

So we successfully finished our silly Phonegap app.  You can enter your name, and it will tell you back your name.  We know it is really easy, but Phonegap gave us some sass.

– It works!!!!!!
– You don’t have to understand many java/android concepts to make it pretty because it is in html and css
– It’s fairly straight forward once you have it working

– It’s very tricky to set up on your computer! Most of the development time was spent trying to make it interact nicely with my current android studio set-up and it messed up some of the other android studio projects we were working on.
– Personally, we think that the design aspect is easier in the android xml format than trying to make html and css work on many different phone sizes
– It was difficult for us to integrate some android functionality into the html


– Phonegap

The final lovely product:


pg1 pg2 pg3




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