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Contraction timer pre/postmortem

December 18, 2014 by . Filed under cs436, fall 2014, postmortems.

Kevin Breunig

For this app I worked with my wife.  She had been downloading a bunch of contraction timers so that she could time her contractions when our baby decided he wanted to come.  So when she heard I was taking a mobile class she told me to just make her one. which is what I did.  It is a fairly basic layout with just buttons, listViews and textViews.  When the “Start Contraction Timer” is hit, it records the time and converts it to what is seen below.  When there are two times to compare it then calculates the average contraction time and the time since the last contraction and updates the textViews with that information.  When the “Reset Button” is hit it resets the system and all the Views.  The “Reset Button” also has confirmation on it so that it doesn’t reset on an accidental click.  Finally, when the “Hospital Button” is clicked, it pulls up maps, using the current location(from GPS) and finds the preset value for our hospital.  The data is also stored in a local database and is deleted when appropriate.  I also released the app to the public.


I kept adding more and more things so I messed up what I had before a couple times.


Screenshot_2014-12-17-16-13-09Screenshot_2014-12-17-16-12-38 Screenshot_2014-12-17-16-13-00 Screenshot_2014-12-17-16-13-05  Screenshot_2014-12-17-16-14-38

(yes our hospital is 2 and half hours away – insurance coverage stinks)


1. Integrate a list view with a custom adapter/presentation into an app.

2. Use a local database to persist relational data

8. View spatial data using maps.

9. Acquire and use location information from GPS into an app.