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Note Taker postmortem

Luiz Bernardo Levenhagen & Kevin Breunig I had more difficulty than I thought trying to persist all data contained on the note. I tried both local database and filesystem. Some issues related to permissions and stuff on the android manifest caused some problems when running and testing the app. Everything else went well, for example […]

Permanent Counter pre/postmortem

Contraction timer pre/postmortem Posted on December 18, 2014 by BREUNIKC — No Comments ↓ Kevin Breunig For this app I used preferences to save the number of times the the app has been opened.  I also localized the app to Spanish, French, and Dutch. I apologize if the Spanish is incorrect, I just threw it into a translator. Screenshots Claiming […]

Contraction timer pre/postmortem

Kevin Breunig For this app I worked with my wife.  She had been downloading a bunch of contraction timers so that she could time her contractions when our baby decided he wanted to come.  So when she heard I was taking a mobile class she told me to just make her one. which is what […]

Finger Paint pre/postmortem

Kevin Breunig For this app I made a simple multi-touch system.  When you touch the screen a colored circle appears under the touch and it adds a circle for every touch it senses. Challenges This one took a while.  After some looking I found that it was easier than I was making it. Screenshots Claiming […]

Talk to me pre/postmortem

Kevin Breunig For this app I used both voice recognition and text to speech.  When the “Say Something” button is hit, the voice recognition is called, and then all the options of what the phone though you said populate a listView.  You can then hit the “Repeat Back” button to use text to speech to […]