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Fall 2014 Commit Logs

January 9, 2015 by . Filed under cs145, fall 2014, public.

This past fall, I taught an introductory programming class in which students managed their code with Bitbucket. I had decided the problems I was sure to encounter foisting version control on first-semester students were not worse than the problems I was sure to encounter by asking them to manage their own local workspaces and submit via clunky submission systems, and the eventual payoffs might be worth it.

As I’ve done in the past, I’d like to share with you a few of my favorite commit logs from the semester.

Hw0 solved.
Finished homework #1! I hate Radians!
I had some issues with getting it to work. And even when I did, the spec-checker saw it as incorrect.
Oh. My. God. I did it.
I solved it.
Fixed hw2
Solved Hw3. Curse those quotation marks!
I solved hw4. YES!
I finally solved it!!!!!!!
I solved homework 6!
I solved homework 6!
Got rid of ImageIO wirte commands that were throwing exceptions

Hope this works. 
Cleaned up some more
I git this
I dont get it
I give up....
hw4 fixed

Solved hw0
Don't pass spec-checker :9
Spec-checker pass!
Spec-check pass!
Spec-Check Pass @ Trutilities
Not sure what Main is for, but it's there....
halfway there!
I DID IT!!!!
Comments and Formatting
hw5 created online with Bitbucket
3rd time's the charm
Weirdness is present
I did it!
spec-check passerino

Completed hw0
Completed all parts of HW1
Completed HW1. 
Completed all parts of HW1. 
Completed HW1. 
Completed HW1. 
Completed HW1
Finished hw1. 
Completed hw2. YAY, I CAN GO EAT ICE CREAM NOW!!!
Finished hw3. 
Completed homework 3. 
SOLVED HOMEWORK 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT'S BLIZZARD TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Completed homework 7.

Solved hw0
I only got 7/8 for hw1, but i swear that everything i did was correct.  may i have partial credit? :[
still 7/8. fixed the commas, but now i'm getting some kind of math error that i honestly have no idea how to even start solving.
HW1 finished. Sorry for my incompetance. 
My original code kept an throwing exception for some reason. solved the HW 2.  
Tougher than it looked. solved HW3
Early push.
Largely solved HW4. there apppears to be some small color discrepancies (rounding errors) for my crossfade and dissolve methods, but i've tried everything i can think. Sorry that it's late, will try to solve in the meantime.
Kind of finished hw4, but there are some color discrepancies I can't
account for. will try to fix in the meantime, this is what I have. sorry
about all the technical problems we've both been having.
sorry, professor. 
perhaps the specchecker itself is flawed? 
Finished half-homework 1.

Solved hw0.
Earned my stripes.
ruined my life
Revised with new specchecker
Best 11 hours of my life.
Finished ruining my life.
Finished the 6th assignment in a series of assignments.
Finished my last 145 assignment :D

Solved hw0.
I finally Solved the hw1.
i have finished this work
i finished
Im finished. But the Specchecker is not working properly. 
The specchecker is off
I finally got it to work
yeah correct
im done with the homework
Im finally done with this 
Im done wtih this homework
Its done and also check my other homework for the fort night 
the homework 2 is finally done as well.

Finally finished homework, I do apologize for the previous copies
Have a great day Chris!
commit test
Homework 3, have a great week!
Here is my resubmission for hw3. Thanks!
Have a great weekend!
Hey Chris, have a great weekend!!!
Hey Chris, have a great rest of your weekend! And semester, for that matter!
New and improved
Thanks for a great semester Chris!

Solved hw0.
solved hw1
Completed hw1
Completed hw1
Solved hw2
Finished hw3
I forgot part of the assignment. It is fixed.
This was a frickin hard assigment... I'm unable to think of a witty message because of how badly my brain is destroyed.
Just had to add stuff to my Main class... Why make the main class when we only really need the main method? Seems awfully redundant, especially since we already broke ourselves figuring out this assignment!
This is nowhere close to done. Just saving it online in case my computer decides to end it's life.
Hehehe... I finally got the last method!!!! You wouldn't believe how often I had to say, "I... I just don't get it!"
I disliked thumbs.db files before, but I never thought they would mess up my code so much!
No more long nights of tears and brain tumors resulting from these homeworks!!!! For a month anyways...