teaching machines


January 26, 2017 by . Filed under madeup, public.

Two days before the semester started, I had one of those first-day-of-teaching nightmares. Sure enough, my wardrobe malfunctioned. This dream was probably inspired by my real pair of pants that had lost a button.

When I told my wife about the dream, she offered to fix the pants. I told her the button was on the kitchen counter. Guilt passed over her face, as she confessed that she had thrown the button away a few days back.

Not to worry, I said. We’ll just print a new one. I called upon Madeup to create a squat cylinder, and then used the new subtract mode to chisel away a concentric depression and four holes for the thread. The virtual button looks like this:

Printing took three tries to get right. The first time, the holes were too small. The second, I tried without a raft, but the holes filled in too much on the compressed bottom layers. The third time was a victory:

Thanks to my wife, my pants are now ready to teach: