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CS 318 Lab 20 – Web Jam

Dear students,

Let’s shake things up a bit today. When game developers get together to build a game in a very short amount of time, they call that a game jam. We will have a web jam. I want to devote all of today’s lab time to that, so I won’t be doing any talking.

Here’s your TODO list:

  • Read chapter 11 in your book. Also check out CSS Transitions and Transforms for Beginners. On quarter sheet, write down 2-3 questions or observations based on your readings. For one of them, consider what transition effects you might want to include in your site—if any.

See you next time!



Today we will have a “web jam.” Instead of giving you a particular page to try and recreate, you will be given an open-ended challenge.

Your challenge is:

Make an awful phone number entry widget.

Observe these criteria:

  • Place all work in a lab20 directory.
  • Add a partners.html and include your first names and last initials.
  • Place your main page in index.html.
  • At 1:30 PM, present your creation as published on GitHub in under one minute.


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