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CS 318: Final Presentations

Dear students, This week we close out the semester with client project presentations. During each presentation, each audience member will write down feedback for the presenter on a quarter-sheet of paper. Here are some topics to address: How effectively did the speaker communicate about the client and purpose of the site? How was time used […]

CS 318: Final Presentation

Your final in this course is to finalize your project, reflect on it, and present a demonstration of your work during the final week of class. We will not meet during the final exam period. Task 1: Present During the final week of class, give a 6- to 8-minute presentation of your site. To receive […]

CS 318: Lab 22 – Flexbox

Dear students, Today we hit up the new Flexbox system of CSS. In short, Flexbox allows us to control the distribution, alignment, order, and expansion of a bunch children within their parent. It replaces many of the hacks of float and Javascript to achieve certain layouts. We’re going to dive right into the lab today. […]

CS 318: Project Prototype 2 – due May 9

Your next milestone in the project is to iterate on the first digital prototype of your site. You will present this second draft of your prototype to randomly assigned classmates for another round of evaluation. Task 1: Iteration on Your Prototype Create a second draft of your site in a folder named prototype2 in your […]

CS 318: Lab 21 – Peer Review

Dear students, Today is peer review day. You will examine three peers projects and give mostly anonymous written feedback. You will spend 15 minutes examining each site in detail. Look for functional issues, like these: Try to break it by resizing the window and locate weird interactions with links or menus. Are there broken links […]

CS 318: Lab 20 – Animations

Dear students, Today we explore transitions to add a little life to our webpages using CSS transitions. As an example, we’ll create a list whose items pop out when hovered. We start with a list: <ul> <li>one</li> <li>two</li> <li>three</li> <li>four</li> </ul> Let’s add some background color to each item: li { background-color: blue; color: white; […]

CS 318: Lab 19 – Forms

Dear students, Thus far we have focused on one half of the communication process: the “speaking” of our ideas to our sites’ visitors. Generally this is not enough. We would like to hear back from our visitors. We want them to join a mailing list, make an order, contribute an idea, vote, and who knows […]

CS 318: Lab 18 – Tabbed Viewing

Dear students, Last time we started implementing dropdown menus. We decided to continue that effort today, though I do want to add one extra and related exercised: a tabbed viewer. Here’s your TODO list: Breathe easy! See you next time! Sincerely, Lab First, we finish up our lab 17 exercise on switching between small and […]

CS 318: Lab 17 – Hamburger Menus

Dear students, Today’s lab is designed around something I saw in a lot of your mockups: dropdown navigation menus. There aren’t a lot of new ideas here, but application of old ones. So, I won’t talk much. However, in this lab we start to incorporate a few of the pseudoclass selectors that you met in […]

CS 318: Lab 16 – Tables

Dear students, Today we explore the HTML table element. At its core, a table is just a grid of rows and columns. It supports headers, borders, and cells that extend across multiple columns and multiple rows. Before div and CSS positioning came along, tables were the primary vehicle for structuring a page. It was awful. […]

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