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CS 318: WordPress for the Rest of Semester

Your task for April and May is to extend the style of your blog with some CSS and write six posts about topics of your choosing. By the end of the semester you should have a total of 15 posts. The posts don’t need to be long. Feel free to share poetry, a photo diary, […]

CS 318: Project Prototype – due April 23

Your next milestone in the project is to create a digital prototype for your site. You will present this prototype to randomly assigned classmates for an initial evaluation. Task 1: Create a Prototype Create a first draft of your site in a folder named prototype1 in your GitHub project. Name this directory exactly; no spaces, […]

CS 318: Lab 15 – Midterm

Dear students, Today we have a midterm. I’m cheering for you. Here’s your TODO list for next time: Complete CSS Diner, a game for learning a whole new set of CSS selectors that we will use throughout the second half of the semester. Read chapter 9 in your book. On a quarter sheet, share 2-3 […]

CS 318: Lab 14 – Viewport Parallax

Dear students, Let’s shake things up a bit today. When game developers get together to build a game in a very short amount of time, they call that a game jam. We will have a web jam. I want to devote all of today’s lab time to that, so I won’t be doing any talking. […]

CS 318: Lab 13 – Responsive Design

Dear students, Today we begin our investigation into responsive design, the central mechanic of which is selectively applying styles based on the viewing context. You have one style for large desktop displays, another for tablets, another for phones, and so on. In general, we might do the following on smaller screens: Remove images or present […]

CS 318: Lab 12 – Two-column Layouts

Dear students, Today we visit the canonical two-column layout. We’ll use the float property to allow other content to flow around it. We’ll do a quick example together of adding illuminated letters to a page. Suppose we have this paragraph: <p>A writer&mdash;and, I believe, generally all persons&mdash;must think that whatever happens to him or her […]

CS 318: Lab 11 – Mockups

Dear students, The next milestone of your project is to create mockups of your pages. The intent behind a mockup is to create a visual sketch of your page that can inform your design before making changes becomes too costly. Its audience is both you, your co-designers, and your client. There’s a great temptation to […]

CS 318: Project Mockup – due on March 28

Your next milestone in the project is to create mockups for each page of your site. You will then present these mockups to your client for initial feedback. Task 1: Create Mockups Use Moqups to create a mockup for each page of your site. For each page that will have significantly different desktop and mobile […]

CS 318: WordPress for March

Your task for March is style your blog with some CSS and write five posts about topics of your choosing. The posts don’t need to be long. Feel free to share poetry, a photo diary, vignettes of your life or someone else’s, baseball commentary, snapshots of your spring break adventures, and so on. Across your […]

CS 318: Lab 10 – Absolute and Relativing Positioning

Dear students, There’s immense power in the position property. It is your vehicle for anchoring elements relative to another, animating them on user interactions, providing a heads-up display that is always on screen, and achieving a fluid layout that can bend and flex with the browser window. The most common values for this property include: […]