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CS 318: Project Prototype – due April 23

April 2, 2018 by . Filed under cs318, specifications, spring 2018.

Your next milestone in the project is to create a digital prototype for your site. You will present this prototype to randomly assigned classmates for an initial evaluation.

Task 1: Create a Prototype

Create a first draft of your site in a folder named prototype1 in your GitHub project. Name this directory exactly; no spaces, all lowercase.

Complete these requirements:

Task 2: Student Evaluation

During lab on Monday, April 23, three classmates will evaluate your prototype by viewing it on GitHub. Be sure you have tested that others can access your site by visiting https://USERNAME.github.io/cs318/prototype1—replacing USERNAME with your actual GitHub username.

Prototype 1 Deliverables

Submit your prototype by committing and pushing it to GitHub. Make sure GitHub Pages is enabled so others can view it rendered by a web browser.

Your prototype must be turned in on time to receive credit. Prototypes received after the posted due date will not receive any credit, but must be completed regardless. Project deliverables build upon each other, so you must complete this step in order to complete the next deliverable.