CS 318: Final Presentations

Dear students,

This week we close out the semester with client project presentations. During each presentation, each audience member will write down feedback for the presenter on a quarter-sheet of paper. Here are some topics to address:

  • How effectively did the speaker communicate about the client and purpose of the site?
  • How was time used by the speaker? Was the presentation balanced between technical and personal?
  • How engaging was the speaker? Did the speaker make eye contact and speak clearly?
  • Imagine you are the client. What is your response to the site? What parts are beautiful? What parts could use work?

Here’s your TODO list:

  • Finish up quizzes by the end of Friday, May 11.
  • Finish up WordPress by the end of Friday, May 18. If you finish earlier, I’d welcome an email or Slack message.
  • Submit your final report by the end of Friday, May 18.

See you next time!



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