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CS 318 Lab 25 – WordPress

May 8, 2017 by . Filed under cs318, lectures, spring 2017.

Dear students,

A lot of the world saves time and energy by using a content management system (CMS). These systems allow users that don’t know much about HTML and CSS to still produce beautiful websites. The most frequently used CMS is WordPress, which is responsible for 27% of the web. It accounts for 60% of the CMS market.

WordPress has other advantages besides hiding the HTML and CSS from content creators. It supports comments, multiple authors, search, categories and tags, and many other features. Your instructor’s blog is built using it! But it doesn’t have to look like a blog. There are many organizations that use it as a general website authoring tool, stripping off comments, dates, and other bloggish features.

Because of its importance, WordPress will probably be more integrated into this course in future offerings. For the time being, we will have a day of exploring. I have created WordPress installations for each of you. Your lab activity will be to apply some CSS to style posts.

Here’s your TODO list for next time:

See you then!



Your task in this lab is stylize a WordPress installation. You won’t need GitHub, Brackets, or any software besides your web browser.

Follow these steps: