Vector Giraffe

One of the ways I hope to make it through my children’s teenage years is to make games with them. I think we’ll be able to skip over drugs, alcohol, tattoos, skateboards, and pubescent love entirely if I play my cards right.

To that end, I’ve made decent progress on getting my kids to learn about coding. However, we need to be artists too. My second son is particularly keen on drawing, so this week I showed him the world of vector art via Gravit Designer. He and I worked independently through a giraffe tutorial. Here’s my end product:

After some initial and unjustified frustration with the interface, my son has asked to make something in Gravit Designer every day since. But he wants to make everything fuzzy with the blur filter, which really violates the vector art aesthetic. Maybe I should let him get a tattoo of one his blurred creations.


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