Homework 0 – Updating SpecCheckers

Like you, your instructor is a human with finite supplies of time and energy. Errors inevitably creep into the SpecCheckers, whose JAR files are sitting in your cloned repository. Your instructor will fix the errors, but how do you get the fixes into your repository? A decade ago you would download the updated JAR files and drop them into your repository manually. But Git provides a better way.

When a SpecChecker needs revising, your instructor will place an updated version in the template repository. In the steps below, we will make it so that you can synchronize your repository with this template quickly.

Your local repository maintains a record of its connection to your repository on GitLab. But it can also have connections to other repositories. Each connection is called a remote. Let’s add a second remote for your instructor’s template repository.

  • Open your local project in IntelliJ.
  • Click VCS / Git / Remotes. You’ll see a dialog with one remote listed. It’s named origin; it is the connection to your repository on GitLab.
  • Click the + icon.
  • For Name, enter template.
  • For URL, enter https://gitlab.com/cs1_2019c/template.
  • OK away both the dialogs.

When your instructors tells you that a SpecChecker has been updated, synchronize your repository with the template through these steps:

  • Click VCS / Git / Pull.
  • For Remote, choose template.
  • Click the button with the refresh/reload icon.
  • Check template/master.
  • Click Pull.

This will drag down the updated SpecCheckers. Woo!


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