Moment of Glory

It was my first semester of graduate school. We were in a lecture for CS 530: Computer Architecture. Dr. Ward had two announcements. First, a midterm was coming up. Second, the annual departmental mug design contest was accepting submissions. An alumnus donated money each year to purchase mugs for all the graduating students, faculty, and others who wanted one. Dr. Ward said he’d grant us 5 points of extra credit on the midterm if we submitted a design.

Even as he spoke, I knew what my design would be. For right above Dr. Ward’s head was a sign that appeared in every classroom in the Claxton Complex. I immediately went downstairs, recreated the sign in an image editor, and submitted my design to Donna in the departmental office.

Lo and behold, my design was chosen as the winner. Here’s the mug that the department awarded me:

The only thing I drink from it is pride. I also got the extra credit.


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