CS 347: Project 1 Rubric

Your project 1 submission will be graded using the rubric below. Your site will be evaluated on five dimensions. For each dimension, I list a sample of the questions that I will use to structure my evaluation. This rubric summarizes but does not replace the full enumeration of project requirements shared earlier.


  • Is the content original, not placeholder text or copy lifted from elsewhere?
  • Does the site incorporate a form element?
  • Does the site include links to other sites?
  • Are there the required five separate pages?
  • Does the page include a favicon?
  • Does the page include an animation?
  • Is a report.html included that summarizes how the project requirements were met?

Coherence and Contrast

  • Are the images appropriate to the theme?
  • Are the images appropriately sized?
  • Are there strong axes of alignment?
  • Is your style maintained across pages?
  • Is the spacing clean?
  • Does the site include different fonts?


  • Is the site designed with the client in mind rather than the designer?
  • Does your site appear appropriately on both mobile and desktop screens?
  • Is your site arranged in a navigable way?
  • Are images made accessible with alt attributes?

Project Organization

  • Are external CSS files used?
  • Is the site organized into folders as specified?
  • Are classes and IDs used appropriately to apply styles at the right level of granularity?
  • Are selectors used appropriately?

Technical Soundness

  • Are lowercase filenames used?
  • Is the site served over HTTPS on port 443?
  • Does port 80 redirect to port 443?
  • Is the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript readable?
  • Does your HTML and CSS pass all validation?
  • Is the site created without the aid of other libraries or frameworks?
  • Was there a steady flow of commits to Git?


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