Final Project – BarApp

This one was a lot tougher to do that expected since the other half of my program was not being completed due to the unfortunate accident that put Mike in the hospital.

Originally the design document called for a local cache of bar specials to be stored on each phone and was going to have a web service built in that got updates periodically from a hosting service. I could not find a good hosting service so unfortunately this feature was left out (to be added over winter break hopefully). Instead my app just houses a local SQLite database (the local cache in the grand scheme) to store all relevant bar and drink special info.

Specials only have three categories right now: corresponding bar, name, price. In the future: days/hours, and possibly a picture and ingredients will be added. Bars were to be focused on downtown right now, with expansion potential later.

The point of this app is to be on the user end, there WAS to be another half (Mike’s half) So mine is simply for reading and displaying, at the homescreen it currently displays all specials. I was trying to figure out how to run a query so that I could split them up based on bar for the default but could not get¬†acquainted¬†enough with SQLite queries to figure it out. Trying to do a ‘SELECT UNIQUE barName FROM drinkspecials’ to return a unique list is easy enough in sql, but I just couldn’t figure out the way db.execsql(args) because of the many things that needed to be passed to it.




Each item has its own sub-menu.




All in all this class was really fun and I enjoyed it very much!


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