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CS 491 – Mobile Software Development

Information Syllabus Enrollment: 24 Lecture Homework Post mortems

CS 145 – Introduction to Object-oriented Programming

Information Syllabus Enrollment: 90 Lecture Homework Labs Exams

CS 145 Final


Final Project – BarApp

This one was a lot tougher to do that expected since the other half of my program was not being completed due to the unfortunate accident that put Mike in the hospital. Originally the design document called for a local cache of bar specials to be stored on each phone and was going to have […]

Walkthrough/Service description apps

For the final project, I added to an old app and also created another to go with it.   Originally I intended to expand the functionality of the database app we made earlier this semester.  I did add some features, such as a tabular view and a database of machines to choose from, but did not implement […]

Beat Mixer – Final – wirthaw

For my final project my original idea was to create a beat box app that would allow you to record and overall different beats to make a beat with your own voice. Long story short that didn’t happen. After an epic virus that deleted my computers boot files(good defense panda cloud antivirus!) and some difficulties with sound pool […]

Final Project : Vampire Assassin

Vampire Assassin for iOS While this is still a work in progress, and should take me another month to polish up for consumer release… the most important bits are complete enough for a sufficient writeup. This app is at its core, a player that can buy and sell items from the shop, equip said items […]

Final Project: Task Man Special Edition

Initially for this final project I had planned on doing a twitter client complete with basic news feed, the ability to make a tweet, look at other users, etc…  Unfortunately I had many issues with using Twitter’s Rest API, especially when parsing out data I got back and getting users to authenticate.  Because of these […]

Final Project- Jacoblj

For my final app I decided to make an alarm clock. My goal was to make an alarm clock that ran faster than the one I am using now (I have a very slow android phone). I would like to say that I have it completely finished and that I am ready to use it, but this is […]

Final Project – Reader-animated Storybook (first iteration)

This app is a first draft of a framework for the Reader-animated Storybooks research project I’m working on. I departed from the design document in that some of the features (like a voice-controlled menu screen) seemed irrelevant once I got down to building this. There are enough neat things to build into the final product […]

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