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Final Project : Vampire Assassin

Vampire Assassin for iOS While this is still a work in progress, and should take me another month to polish up for consumer release… the most important bits are complete enough for a sufficient writeup. This app is at its core, a player that can buy and sell items from the shop, equip said items […]

Final Project Design Synopsis : Vampire

For my final project, I will be developing a client-server based iOS game, which I will also release on the iTunes store for 0.99 for Barrage Software LLC… :P Each user will be able to create their own character (a vampire) and accomplish missions each day for experience points and blood to level up their character, […]

Thesaurus Homework 3

This application was initially supposed to take in a word and then using a RESTful API, return JSON data indicating it’s nouns, verbs, synonyms, ect. JSON was in the form {“noun”:{  “syn”:[“news”,”intelligence”,”tidings”,”discussion”,”give-and-take”,”parole”,”word of honor”,”Son”,”Word”,”Logos”,”password”,”watchword”,”countersign”,”Bible”,”Christian Bible”,”Book”,”Good Book”,”Holy Scripture”,”Holy Writ”,”Scripture”,”Word of God”,”arcanum”,”computer memory unit”,”hypostasis”,”hypostasis of Christ”,”info”,”information”,”language”,”language unit”,”linguistic unit”,”oral communication”,”order”,”positive identification”,”promise”,”religious text”,”religious writing”,”sacred text”,”sacred writing”,”secret”,”speech”,”speech communication”,”spoken communication”,”spoken language”,”statement”,”voice communication”] […]

Quizzer (hw1)

               A super simple five question Quiz app. Only two classe were necessary, the QuestionDatabase class and the QuizzerActivity class. All scoring and display programming was done in the Activity class onCreate initialized the questions and score, and requested the GUI to display the first question updateScore figured out which radioButton was checked from the […]

UltraBlast SE by RetroFlux

UltraBlast SE by RetroFlux http://ultrablast.net/ Platform : ios (Apple) There really is no ‘tutorial” section… the user just dives right in and starts shooting. The gun is auto-fire, and movement is via relative touch with the ability to change from two weapon types with a tap from the finger. The enemies are rather dumb, but […]