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Final Project- Jacoblj

For my final app I decided to make an alarm clock. My goal was to make an alarm clock that ran faster than the one I am using now (I have a very slow android phone). I would like to say that I have it completely finished and that I am ready to use it, but this is […]

jacoblj – final Project Design

For my final project I wanted to make something I would actually use. I have decided that the perfect app to make would be an alarm clock. The one I am using at the moment has some flaws, and I think I could tailor one to my situation better. I have done a little work […]

Homework 3 – jacoblj

My program connects to a site to pull information about baseball teams. The user enters the program for the first time and is immediately asked their favorite team, after this it will show them the logo of the team and color every time they enter. From this main menu you can look at teams, or if you […]

Homework 2- jacoblj

Have you ever been at a friends, making your favorite recipe house and realized you can’t remember if it is two tablespoons of oil or three? This app is here to help. Recipe Box is a place to store your favorite recipes right on your phone. This app allows you to choose what type of […]


For this homework assignment I chose to write a set of flashcards called mathcards. These cards quiz the user on various number problems. There are the five minimum questions, along with a view to allow the user to add their own questions and answers. After the user goes though the answers they are brought to a […]

jacoblj Homework 0

The app that I am reviewing is the allrecipes.com Dinnerspinner. This app is by Allrecipes.com, Inc. In this app you choose the type of dish, the main ingredient and cook time from a scrolling panel. The app is set to only let a person choose one of each ingredient, dish and cook time. You can […]