For this homework assignment I chose to write a set of flashcards called mathcards. These cards quiz the user on various number problems. There are the five minimum questions, along with a view to allow the user to add their own questions and answers.¬†After the user goes though the answers they are brought to a summary screen which has the number correct and percentage of their answers, as well as buttons to show the questions and a retry button. When choosing to view the questions the user is brought to a list showing the questions. On clicking on a question an alert dialog shows the question, with the user’s answer and the correct answer.

This app is made of five activities and six views.


In addition to the stock assignment I added the ability to go back to previous questions and retain the inputed answers, a replay button that will clear any pervious answers, a view to add new questions and answers and a summary screen where the user can look at their answer and the correct answer to each question.



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