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Beat Mixer – Final – wirthaw

For my final project my original idea was to create a beat box app that would allow you to record and overall different beats to make a beat with your own voice. Long story short that didn’t happen. After an epic virus that deleted my computers boot files(good defense panda cloud antivirus!) and some difficulties with sound pool […]

Beatbox Machine- Final Project- Aaron Wirth

For my final project I’ve decided to make a “beatbox machine”. I got this idea kind of from this really awesome musician named Dubfx who creates Dubstep/beat box music with some effects pedals and a machine that loops his voice, he is really awesome so here is a link to one of his songs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bioYs6oAD8g. […]

Gibberish Generator – wirthaw – hw3

My app is a gibberish generator with two generating options. A user can either choose to create what i called element gibberish(paragraphs, text message, un ordered list, and a number of headers)  or corporate gibberish which is just a bunch of generic slogans and phrases with a corporations name inserted into it. Originally I had […]


My app was a rather fun(ny) app to make, it is a stand up comedy clip app. The general goal of the app is to provide users with a list of comedy clips they can click on and listen to. Ideally this app would ultimately be able to download new clips for some online database […]

homework1- wirthaw

My android app was inspired by the greatest football team ever. I decided to make a green bay packers trivia app. For now the app only has 5 programmed questions but more questions could easily be added. The game play is a question is asked, the player selects their answer and the program determines whether […]


App Name:AlarmDroid Developer: Fabian Lueghausen Webpage: http://www.netzpurist.de/ Platform: Android App Description: Free AlarmClock app that gives you the basic functionality of a normal alarm clock plus a variety of additional features that make it one of the best alarm clock apps on the market. App Features: Some of the features this app has that other […]