Walkthrough/Service description apps

For the final project, I added to an old app and also created another to go with it.   Originally I intended to expand the functionality of the database app we made earlier this semester.  I did add some features, such as a tabular view and a database of machines to choose from, but did not implement […]

Machine Logging Utility – Easy Walkthrough – Cody Stuttgen

I work at EO Johnson Office Technologies.  They are a printer/copier leasing company.  For example, if you look at the copiers on campus you see the EO Johnson sticker on them.  While working here I noticed that some of the procedures are redundant.  One that stood out to me was when one of my coworkers […]

Homework 3 – What are the Lyrics?

My app goes and gets lyrics from an API based on what the use specifies for an artist and a song title.  For this I used the API from LyricsWiki.  I used RESTful  service like we did in class but used more of a post to search than a get like we did in class. […]

Exportable Machine List

This app is for the on-the-go business man looking to log all the printing devices at location and be able to export his results so that they can manipulate the data in excel.  My main activity gets the database if there is one and then populates the screen with a list of items that are […]

Java Flash Cards Assignment 1

This is a basic flash card app.  A statement about java is displayed with true and false buttons below.  There is a set of 10 questions that loop continuously as if you were studying flash cards and want to keep going through them all.  The user selects true or false and pop up message is […]

CS 491 – Shazam Critique – Cody Stuttgen

The app is called Shazam and their website is http://www.shazam.com/. Have you ever been at a club, friend’s house, or the mall and heard a familiar song playing but just can’t think of the title of it is or what it is called?  Shazam, developed by Shazam Entertainment Limited, simply “listens” to a small portion […]