Machine Logging Utility – Easy Walkthrough – Cody Stuttgen

I work at EO Johnson Office Technologies.  They are a printer/copier leasing company.  For example, if you look at the copiers on campus you see the EO Johnson sticker on them.  While working here I noticed that some of the procedures are redundant.  One that stood out to me was when one of my coworkers goes to a company/school to log the entire fleet of printers at that location, we call this a walkaround or walkthrough.  The current process is to write all these down by hand and stick them on a floor plan.  They then return to the office and hand that hand written paper to someone else to type into Excel and recreate the floor plan in Visio.  Why have 2 people do the same process twice.  My plan is to make this easier by having the person doing the walkaround log all the devices in to an app that stores all this on a database.  This data base can then be exported to a file readable by Excel.  Thus eliminating the 2 step redundant process.


Below is how I would like the app to function


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