Final Project: Task Man Special Edition

Initially for this final project I had planned on doing a twitter client complete with basic news feed, the ability to make a tweet, look at other users, etc…  Unfortunately I had many issues with using Twitter’s Rest API, especially when parsing out data I got back and getting users to authenticate.  Because of these […]

HW3: GrabATweet

With this assignment I aimed for simplicity to reduce the number of possible issues I could run into.  I decided to uses Twitter’s RESTAPI to do a simple pull of a single status.  To “spice” things up, so to speak, I decided to make the tweet random and allow the user to grab as many […]

leggitns Homework 2: When Click Listeners Strike Back (TaskMan)

As you may gather from the title, click listeners were acting up in my project.   The intent of this project was to create a very simple Task Tracker that would allow users to use a list view to see a list of tasks, click a task to get deeper details and to edit the […]

leggitns Homework 1 Post Mortem

I set out to create a sort of  quiz app of sorts with allowing users the ability for users to create their own questions and group them by categories as well as play preloaded quizzes.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints, or more appropriately, poor time management on my part, I was unable to implement any […]

Mail (Built In App, 2.3 version) Homework 0

Stock Mail App (for Android 2.3) Developed by Google Free with Android   (Yep, I rarely use this gmail account and that is the most recent message in it) Google’s stock mail application provides users with a competent mail management experience.  New users to Android may take a minute or two to figure things out […]