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CS 491 Homework 1 – Adam King

September 4, 2012 by . Filed under cs491 mobile, fall 2012, postmortems.

I read the syllabus!

By the end of the semester I am hoping to know how to write an assortment of apps, some of which could ultimately be combined to create more full feature apps such as a way to secure a list of reminders/appointments.

Device Security:  An application adding either alternate security, such as a spoken passphrase, or several layers, such as multiple codes or questions/answers.  It seems like the default phone security wouldn’t be terribly difficult to break if someone wanted in badly, so I’d like to begin with simple security options which make it possible to build on and allow for more layers with further development.

To-Do/Reminder: An app that allows you to create reminders, preferably with an alarm or notification.  When I know more, a more full feature version would allow the setting of recurring reminders (Every Monday @ 1:00 PM) that are not removed when a new year rolls around…which can result in the unfortunate forgetting of paying the bills on time.

Budget Planning:  Users can input their monthly budget and keep track of their purchases in such an application, which will allow them to see a running total of their expenses/remaining budget for the month.  Possible other features would include being able to classify purchases into categories, or being able to input how much you can spend for the year and having it calculate a monthly budget for you from that yearly input.

Calorie Counter:  Have some database, whether it be simple, local and editable or a more complex collection from the web, wherein a user can select a food and the quantity consumed and the application will provide caloric information.  Maybe find a way to include a…pie…chart, to give a visual representation of calories consumed vs. calories allowed, or a history option to track trends over some period of time.

Tilt Utilization: Any application (likely something along the lines of a maze) which has an object or objects that respond via the device’s tilt sensors; failing this, implementation of alternative controls to allow for touch-screen controls.  However, this would likely require commandeering an Android device from a roommate or friend for testing purposes — I’m mostly just interested in seeing the lengths of coding required for utilizing tilt sensors or other such smartphone features.