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Mobile Web: Adam King

My mobile web project ending up mostly being rather disappointing compared to what I originally planned due to constant struggling with JavaScript/HTML/Cordova and time constraints.  However, it was probably one of the largest learning experiences of all of the projects.  The app is a simple media player and recorder.  I created a CordovaPlugin to get […]

Sphero Final: Drive or Die (Adam King, Jack Ferris)

Overview For every second your Sphero isn’t driven at full speed, you’re causing it to die a little inside.  Yet your Sphero is fragile and it’s a dangerous world out there; objects are the bane of Sphero existence and colliding with anything at all eats away at your robot buddy’s lifespan.  With health bars on […]

Adam King: Web APIs

For my Web API assignment, I decided to use the World of Warcraft Community API to develop an app that lets you view relevant character information.  The features I implemented for now mostly focus on looking at raid progression and item level, allowing the user to check a character’s progression across all of the raids […]

Adam King: NoGramming

I was beaten to the punch!  I’ve been documenting some observations as well as my woes and frustrations in programming for Android (such as my ongoing struggles with Eclipse demanding @targetAPI in odd places like a toString method) in haiku format.  Hopefully a couple of them will be found decent.  A few of them may […]

Persist:: Adam King

For the Persist homework involving the utilization of a database, I created a baseline for a Calorie Counter that allows a user to insert, update, delete, and search entries in a user-made database.  The overall concept of the app is simple, but I ended up finding and utilizing a number of new concepts which took […]

U And I:: Adam King

Are you tired of having TOO many paint tools at your disposal?  Do you scoff at the mention of Fireworks, Photoshop, or Flash?  Do you wish you could revert back to the days of fingerpainting?  There’s an app for that.  Introducing Paint–™. I wanted to write a paint app as a way to work with […]

CS 491 Homework 1 – Adam King

I read the syllabus! By the end of the semester I am hoping to know how to write an assortment of apps, some of which could ultimately be combined to create more full feature apps such as a way to secure a list of reminders/appointments. Device Security:  An application adding either alternate security, such as […]