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Adam King: NoGramming

October 27, 2012 by . Filed under cs491 mobile, fall 2012, postmortems.

I was beaten to the punch!  I’ve been documenting some observations as well as my woes and frustrations in programming for Android (such as my ongoing struggles with Eclipse demanding @targetAPI in odd places like a toString method) in haiku format.  Hopefully a couple of them will be found decent.  A few of them may bring haiku format into question…

Users want feedback

in their daily processes

I show them my toast


Android SDK

your libraries increase stats

Plus five laziness


I am tipped over

Android phone does not compute

Tell me what to do


Touch screen devices

Speech-to-text, code completion

Goodbye, wpm


With my mobile phone

Productivity now fades

Gaming on the go


Web feeds for others

my network is not social

Hashtag resistance


Databases store

my anger and frustrations

Debugging is pain


Error detection

my spotless coding you mock



Roommates will soon grieve

when their Phones become Lonely

Patience will be tried


Web Services, great!

Varying data formats?

Weep in the corner…


Your lines constrain me

May I use the internet,

Mister Manifest?


Greedy UI thread

no outside access, no blocks

Gives “main” new meaning


Google convention

version names are based on foods

What happens at X?


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