Homework 1 TODO – Tom Statz

I read the syllabus!

Here are the five apps I would like to be able to program before the end of the semester:

  • A game where you connect dots to make as many four sided boxes as you can.  It would utilize the touch screen and be multi-player.
  • An app for geologists  that helps them collect data in the field.  It would need to be able to utilize the GPS, accelerometer, and Storage on the phone as it would be unlikely to have service in a remote area.  It would need to be able to transfer the data to a more permanent storage.
  • A tricky triangle game. The player must try to jump as many pegs as they can.  It has different ratings depending on how many pegs are left when they no longer have any jumps. The player would be able to decide which spot is empty at the beginning.  It would utilize the touch screen.
  • A game modeled after one of those mazes where you tilt board to move the ball through to the end.  This would utilize the accelerometer.
  • I’m looking forward to working with Sphero’s at the end of the semester. They seem like something that could collect all kinds of data…and do all sorts of silly things.  I will need to research on what kind of sensors are placed in them if any.  Maybe something simple to figure out the perimeter of a room, area, etc.




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