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Tom Statz :: MobileWeb

For this assignment I used jQuery and PhoneGap to make an app that uses the GPS to find and display your current coordinates.  I wasn’t able to get the GPS to work on the emulator, it just times out, but it seems to be a problem a lot of others have too.  I haven’t been […]

Nogramming :: Tom Statz

For this assignment I drew a picture of the original Motorola Droid. . (picture courtesy of original droid hardware :) I’ll never claim to be much of an artist, but I did make everything  roughly to scale.

Web API :: Tom Statz

For this assignment I thought it would be cool to create an app to pull down links from Reddit.  Basically the first Activity is for getting the assigned links and displaying the titles in a ListView.  When they are clicked an Intent is issued for the browser to visit that link.  I used a lot […]

Tom Statz : Persist

For this assignment I created a GeoCacheBuddy app.  It takes a lot of the user interface out of my UandI app, but has quite a few differences.  The MainActivity holds a ListView populated with Caches that have been stored in a Database.  It also has EditTexts on the bottom for adding new Cache’s.   Simply […]

U and I: Tom Statz

Orienteering App The purpose of this app is to get your current coordinates using the phone’s GPS.   The app can calculate a compass bearing to a set of coordinates that the user gives it.  A compass can be opened as a second activity.  In making this app I used a total of eight Textbox’s, […]

Homework 1 TODO – Tom Statz

I read the syllabus! Here are the five apps I would like to be able to program before the end of the semester: A game where you connect dots to make as many four sided boxes as you can.  It would utilize the touch screen and be multi-player. An app for geologists  that helps them […]