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For this assignment I used jQuery and PhoneGap to make an app that uses the GPS to find and display your current coordinates.  I wasn’t able to get the GPS to work on the emulator, it just times out, but it seems to be a problem a lot of others have too.  I haven’t been able to use cordova on my android 2.2  phone so I have no way of knowing if that part works.  It certainly won’t win any awards, but I believe all the other requirements are met.

Welcome Page

Disclaimer dialog.  Accept takes you to the next page and decline takes you back. They are in a  control group.

Get Coordinates Page: Custom button icon.  Right now the button pops up with an alert that says ‘Click’ so I knew it was working.

Timeout: I have GPS option set to time out after a few seconds so that means the method is being called…it just times out every time.  The permissions appear to be correct, the plugin was there, and I made sure the code reflected what was on the cordova site.  I wrote other apps using the GPS that worked with the emulator just fine, not sure why this wouldn’t work.  It might be me, but I’m low on time and out of ideas. I’ll edit this if I find a way to make it work.

Your Coordinates page:  Basically if the GPS worked it would put the coordinates in these labels. It really didn’t need to be on a separate page, but I needed one more.


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